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  GUANGDONG KAIDIWEI CULTURE CO.,LTD was established in May 2008, the address is in qidouwei, shanghua south, chenghai district, shantou city , guangdong province ,China, which covers an area of 20 mu, and factory building area is more than 30000 square meters, form a complete set of modern production workshop and the superior office, living environment, the existing staff of more than 800 people. My company is a set design, research and development, production, sales in the integration of large-scale specialized enterprise, which has strong research and development strength, advanced production equipment, perfect production management system and strict quality management system.The company is committed to KDW die cast model truck ,Rainbow Tale Baby Toys design, development, production and sales.At the same time, the company has been the  world’s most original authorization, delicate alloy car model toy products, the products sell well both at home and abroad.
  Company continuously pursue technological innovation, product innovation, the independent brand "KDW" series of models,  "rainbow" toys toys for patents. All products have passed the domestic 3 C certification, a number of products for export in Europe CE, ASTM and EN71 certification.With the rich products series and good business development.In addition, we comply with the latest security standards, control production strictly, make closely cooperate with  Hong Kong Certified Laboratory in the meanwhile, in order to get the latest security standardsour distribution channels all over the country, at the same time, business throughout Europe, the United States, the Middle East and southeast Asia and other regions.Relying on solid business foundation and rich experience in the toy development, production, after years of unremitting efforts, has won customer recognition in the international and domestic market.
  After years of development, relying on its own strength of composite foundation, sets up the international famous toy brand strategic objectives, to "the careful design, precision manufacturing, precision production, sincere service" for the purpose of, and constantly in such aspects as production, marketing, service, innovation and development.
  With good visibility and reputation at the same time, the company also don’t forget to management and protection of its trademarks.As to safeguard the development of its own brand, to ensure that the brand effect, the company not only in domestic has carried on the registration of trademarks, has been in the major export markets has carried on the registration, and other countries and regions, and authorized by the famous auto brand appear on the products at the same time, form a more powerful brand advantage.Market development after years of independent brands, the company brand in the overseas market in the eyes of the distributors, retailers and consumers terminal has good awareness and influence, laid a solid foundation for the subsequent development of the company.Company is a precise and detailed requirements for product itself to truth, with environmental protection safety to ensure that, in the mind, management, technology and management innovation to enhance the company’s products quality and cultural quality, strive to become the best manufacturers.At present, the company is working to develop high value-added products, and in research and development of products, business model and corporate management aspects of innovation, has formed the design of modular, division of labor refinement, process standardization, institutionalized management mode innovation.
  The new product development ability, innovation ability is the enterprise vitality, create famous brand of power.Our competitive advantage comes from innovation, and drive growth by innovation, take the market with innovation, innovation to improve business efficiency.In recent years, the company with its own strength, through continuous innovation, improve the industry overall technical level, the leading models, entertainment industry to further simulation, infants and young children toys to contain teaching, fun.Company believe that domestic peers will be in the direction of the independent design, independent innovation, own brand development, Kaidiwei company through its own brand construction has become the domestic counterparts in the same direction development, the company will continue to stay ahead of the market competition in the domestic counterparts.
  Apart from our own products, we also have the expertise and capacity to work with our customers on OEM projects. We have good track record in handling OEM projects for many well-known companies over the past years.
 In addition, we implement strict control on our production for compliances with up-to-date safety standards. As we work closely with accredited laboratories in Hong Kong, we always get hold of the latest safety standards.

   We will be, as always, with rigorous, efficient, sincere, thoughtful work style, to 

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